The Color of Dictation

One of my favorite lines on Twitter is “Not The Onion,” meaning that the headline or story linked to is not supposed to be funny or satirical, like news site, The Onion, but is (bizarrely) true. We need an academic equivalent of this – perhaps, “Not The Journal of Irreproducible Results” (a “science humor” magazine). […]

Spelling Nonsense Words Requires Rules Useful in Spelling Nonsense Words

Study Reviewed:  P. Mitchell, N. Kemp, & P. Bryant. (2011). Variations among adults in their use of morphemic spelling rules and word-specific knowledge when spelling. Reading Research Quarterly, 46(2), 119-133. There’s no better way to start a discussion of almost any topic related to reading and writing than a quote from Frank Smith.  Here’s one […]